Transport hub services

TCC provide a comprehensive transport hub service for Local Authority departments, Housing associations, colleges and others. Our dedicated call centre organises the most cost effective transport for any particular need – be that a taxi, coach or minibus.

Why a transport hub?

Many organisations find that organising transport through an ad hoc process of random minicab firms is expensive, unreliable and a hassle that adds no real value. Working with an ad hoc process means:

  • expenditure is difficult to manage
  • service quality and availability are at best patchy
  • dealing with a huge range of suppliers,
  • affordable transport that is also accessible is difficult to find
  • processing a large number of invoices and expenses claims.

The TCC transport hub service meets these challenges by providing a one stop shop for road transportation. The idea is to save you as much time and money as possible. It works like this:

How it works

Five easy steps to saving time and money on your organisation's transport

Step 1: Call our dedicated call centre to place you trip request, or book online

Step 2: We will search out the cheapest transport solution that meets your needs for your journey from a broad range of quality assured suppliers - including HCT Group itself. This could be a taxi, private hire vehicle, minibus or coach – we will quote you the price in advance, so there are no surprises.

We are particularly effective at providing fully accessible options for your journey.

Step 3: Travel when you need to, with the available services searched out by our transport team.

Step 4: Pay one invoice rather than dozens. The invoice will be the cost of travel plus a small management fee, usually offset by the savings secured by finding the cheapest way of making the journey.

Step 5: Receive detailed management information on what your teams are spending on different types of journey, helping you to identify the processes that are costing you money.

Find out more

If you would like more information on how your organisation could save time and money using our transport hub service, please contact

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