The Petchey Academy in Hackney uses our Group Transport service to take part in a wide range of sports – such as netball, football and rugby – particularly to play fixtures against other schools.

‘Sport is a really important part of our students’ development,’ explains Huw Levis, Lead in PE at the Petchey Academy. ‘It is a microcosm of life that enables them to win and lose with friends, learning to deal with that from a young age. It’s also about getting our students to compete at a higher level, widening their experience and horizons. This year, the Year 11 football team won the Inner London Schools Cup Final – the first school in Hackney to get that far in the competition.’

Petchey Academy learners with bus

‘Sport also means the opportunity to put something back,’ continues Huw. ‘There’s a structure within the school for the sixth-formers to learn to coach. First of all our students want to be Premiership footballers, but then as they get a bit older they also like to impart some of their knowledge to the younger students – who really respond to that as well.’

‘With times being as they are, the availability of subsidised transport from HCT Group means that we can really have an impact as a PE department – not only with sport but also with other activities to inspire our students, such as university taster days.’

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