Making a difference in our communities

HCT Group is a social enterprise. We earn our revenue from transport contracts won in the marketplace. We do not do this to create shareholder value; we do this to create community value - making a positive social impact is our central purpose.

We also believe that it is important to measure and communicate our social impact. We publish an account of what we've done to deliver on our social mission each year. The previous years' reports are available to download below:

'Breaking barriers, building impact' HCT Group social impact report 2016/17 (3mb)    

Changing times, lasting impact' HCT Group social impact report 2015/16 (3mb) 

'Future focus, current impact' HCT Group social impact report 2014/15 (5mb)

'National vision, local impact' HCT Group social impact report 2013/14 (2mb)

‘Growing enterprise, growing impact’ HCT Group social impact report 2012/13 (7mb)

North Face Clearance Cast

'Changing environment, changing impact' HCT Group social impact report 2011/12 (3mb)

‘Social enterprise, social impact’ HCT Group social impact report 2010/11 (5mb)

‘Commercial success, community impact’ Group social impact report 2009/10 (3mb)

Child playing wheelchair basketball

When we think about community value, we believe in the positive impact that comes from public transport. Transport makes an amazing difference to people’s lives. It is the means by which the most marginalised in our society can access jobs, education, healthcare – or even access the simple freedom of getting out and about, so central to our quality of life.

We also create community value by what we do with our profits, and how we work from day to day:

  • Profits from our commercial contracts are reinvested into further transport services or projects in the communities we serve
  • We deliver training services for people who are long term unemployed that specifically focus on employment and skills
  • We aim to create employment opportunities for people in deprived communities, contribute to our local economies and actively seek new ways to make our communities better places to live and work through the way we operate

You can find out more about our social impact through the stories of those who use our services and the stories of the people who work for us:

Robert's Story (Camden)

Kyle's Story (Leeds)

WECIL Bristol

Michaela's Story (Leeds)

Susie's Story (South London)

Dawn's Story (Hull)

Alma's Story (Bristol)

Petchey Academy Hackney 

Ann's Story (Hull)

Zingara's story (North London)

Working with KIDS Adventure Play Hackney

Working with South Seacroft Friends and Neighbours (Leeds)

Fred and Hafizur's story (North London)  

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