Posted: 17 Jun 2016

Ambassador Role

HCT Group is the world’s leading transport social enterprise. We earn money by delivering transport contracts, won in the marketplace- these include London red buses, Leeds school transport, Bristol Park and Ride and many other services. We deliver over 20 million passenger trips on our buses every year.

We reinvest our profits into further transport service and projects in the communities we serve.

We make a difference by offering a whole range of specialist transport for people who find it difficult to get out and about.

Our latest project is to provide fully wheelchair accessible minibuses, parked at convenient locations near you and available to hire online, day and night.


As an HCT group Ambassador you will raise awareness of this scheme in your local community to organisations who can benefit from the service.  This will include schools, colleges, clubs, local authority and local health board groups, and community groups.

You will meet with these groups, to engage their interest and tell them how the service can benefit them.


  • Give an overview of  the joinbookdrive scheme (full training provided)
  • Meet with groups and discuss how the scheme would benefit them
  • Listen to and answer any queries they may raise
  • Explain how the scheme works in practise (full training will be given)
  • Explain the next steps and how to join the scheme
  • Leave written information regarding the scheme
  • Take full details of those interested in signing up to the scheme
  • Arrange a further meeting if requested by the group


  • Good communication skills, to include presenting information, listening, questioning, clarifying and responding
  • Ability to present information to small groups
  • Ability to provide feedback and information to Managers
  • Ability to complete basic administration tasks including completing forms
  • Good time management
  • Knowledge of confidentially requirements (training provided)
  • Non judgemental
  • Taking an interest in helping people to get out and about
  • Ability to travel around the area to visit groups
  • To be enthusiastic, professional and practical
  • Ability to work within HCT Group guidelines

BENEFITS TO Ambassador

  • Helping groups who maybe isolated or cannot use public transport
  • Helping your local community to broaden its horizons and enjoy life more by getting out and about
  • Contributing to HCT Group service expansion
  • Meeting new people
  • Personal development skills
  • Provide experience in self development towards a career



  • Ideally meeting with one or two groups per week, 3 to 5 hours in total


  • Structure and delivery of the presentation
  • An explanation of the new joinbookdrive project
  • Completion of forms



  • Within your local community in accordance with the  delivery of the service


  • Authorised travelling expenses will be reimbursed (public transport only)