LAT become a Demetia Friendly Organisation

Posted: 01 Dec 2015

With the support of the Leeds Dementia Action Alliance, LAT have become a Dementia Friendly Organisation. We are working closely with Alliance staff to develop and implement our plans to ensure we are actively working towards ensuring we are able to support people with Dementia within our transport offerings.

Shown below is some information on the Alliance, please take time to review this and get involved.

Leeds Dementia Action Alliance

Local businesses, community organisations, arts and leisure providers, faith groups, older people’s groups, schools and higher education providers, transport providers – you all have a very special role in helping to make Leeds a better place for people living with dementia.

It’s the little things that can mean such a lot to a person with dementia… like being given time to explain or pay in a shop or bank, having a helping hand when using transport, feeling welcome and safe in your community, having friends, things to do, ways of remaining a valued member of society.

Working in Leeds

The Leeds branch of the Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) supports groups and organisations to help make Leeds a dementia-friendly city, and brings together everyone in Leeds who wants to make a difference for people living with dementia, including families and carers, so people can still participate in everyday life and maintain as much independence as possible.  We don’t think life with a long-term condition should only be about health and care services.

Perhaps you have staff or family members affected by dementia, perhaps you have customers who could benefit from a bit more help, or perhaps you can link up with others in your area on a community project or initiative. However you can get involved, we can help you get started and put you in touch with others who are already making a big difference in their communities.

Leeds DAA is a partnership between Leeds Older People’s Forum and Alzheimer’s Society working with Leeds City Council, sponsored by the Leeds Health and Wellbeing Board.

More information

Please contact Maggie Graham or Jane Robinson or sign up to Leeds DAA online.